Started building at 2023/08/12 04:45:01
Using pegged server, 1355 build
Calculating base
Updating mirror
Basing run on 7.6.0-1355 2efa34a028
Updating tree for run 12.08.2023-04.45
query is at 2ec4523, changes since last good build: 
 2ec4523ca MB-58208 Add support for IF [NOT] EXISTS before object name
 e9aa4fee7 MB-57034: go.mod changes since go-curl is no longer a dependency
 7f10db8d6 MB-57034: Replace the use of go-curl in CURL() implementation
 7c96e2a16 MB-58150 Further limit cases we use OR clause filters for sarging index keys
 00a31ca17 MB-58192 Revise fix
 923eb522d MB-58078: Add unit tests for external JS UDFs
 0adbeb252 MB-11512 allow optional subclauses only if RECURSIVE keyword specified
 38087cd76 MB-58192 Fix syntax help data generation
 9153c8159 Revert "MB-58106 Further limit cases we use OR clause filters for sarging index keys"
 81b4cf886 MB-58190 Fix panic in cbq vim-mode.
 fbec2d6a2 MB-58106 Further limit cases we use OR clause filters for sarging index keys
 0d94a794a Revise syntax help generation
 4c5110f66 Further build script revision.
 d7ef13ff9 Fix build scripts
 6897f171e MB-58078: Add unit tests for N1QL managed JS UDFs
 18679cedc MB-56363 Provide line & column information...
 a1c69cd0b MB-57717 Initial changes for CBO stats migration
 fed5d08a3 Revise cbq
 a18188037 MB-53384 Fix unit test
 4a85c6319 MB-56363 Unit test update
 af002d685 MB-11512 Hierarchical / recursive queries using WITH
 cfe8f0c41 MB-57717 Create primary index on system collection (_query) when needed
 40f227425 MB-56363 Improve syntax errors context information
 15d740902 MB-58039: Add unit tests for Inline UDFs
 f67b8a40b MB-57717 skeleton changes to move scope UDFs to _system scope
 21468b1f7 MB-53384 Support of correlated subquery use primary index or sequential scan
 ffb8f3690 MB-58010. instead of query-cbauth use n1ql-cbauth
 9b4fed943 build repo update for tools-common
 04d61fa4d MB-51961 Do not use filter in case of cached Fetch/IndexScan3
 2f8e9615c MB-58004 Correctly report statement parsing errors
 f895e3c02 MB-57920: Add “correlated” field for subqueries in EXPLAIN and profiling output
 d36a39fb5 MB-58002 Ensure deadline is reset when not in use
 a8411ed9d MB-57167: [EXPLAIN FUNCTION] Complete query support for EXPLAIN FUNCTION on JS UDFs
 23c63078f MB-16789 Minor revision
 dbd0a89cf MB-16789 Add (basic) SQL++ syntax help to cbq shell
 02072ce6c MB-57964 Add limit on completed_requests plan size
 6572f31f0 MB-57961 Add multi-byte aware string functions.
 4cc51ada3 MB-57899 make sure that any panic releasing the execution layer does not affect completing the request
 862d99f76 MB-56524, MB-57489: [EXPLAIN FUNCTION] Modify EXPLAIN FUNCTION for inline UDFs
 2f6bf7775 MB-57240 Do not ignore error from formalization
 f5869782f MB-57904 Proper handle of WITH correlation in encoded_plan
 78740665e MB-57585: go mod tidy
 c43dc7774 MB-57883 Pick up the v1.0.0 releases of 'tools-common' sub-modules
 14593a484 MB-57904 Proper propagation of WITH clause correlation
 d3eb6e79c MB-57861 Error limits should only apply to DML errors
 b80a207b7 MB-57900 Proper check for max limit of number of spans when composing multiple spans
 2fd0e5841 MB-57869 Fix grammar.
 a39b25ece MB-57863 Proper formalization of query containing only an ExpressionTerm
 bacf2f90a MB-56553 Add max recursion depth for builtin recursivecte function
 bae69212c Uprade to bleve@v2.3.9
 8b809baa2 MB-57770 Protect against empty random document key
 ef41fac0e Revert "MB-57768 Protect against empty random document key"
 99c8e637a MB-57768 Protect against empty random document key
 25baa9f64 Use same plan flags for ORDER
 4b6fa6aba MB-28587 Better compare scan hierarchies when planning
 bc711c249 MB-26683 Provide function to return formalised statement text
 b0d8e974c MB-57766 : ALTER INDEX shows incorrect error message when index does not exist
 5fc31d0bd MB-57781 Proper save/restore this.node on builder
 e4eabf314 MB-53981 Correct case insensitive identifier handling
 592fd9d1a MB-57759 Correct optional argument detection.
 2df4a2072 MB-56816 Refine fix
 aa4abfb08 MB-56816 Revise fix
 9d4994982 MB-57729 Do not perform string replacement on the entire array key
 9ce01e124 MB-57716 Add DEFAULT as keyword
 286926e6d MB-57167 : [ EXPLAIN FUNCTION ] Add a BasicContext interface to expose to js-evaluator
 1be1ed7eb MB-56816 Revise fix
 1c9daa0c0 MB-56816 Serialise pool refresh & keyspace addition
 1e9b66da4 MB-57697 Add sequential scan completed qualifier
 f92d494b9 MB-56040 Correct memory rate FFDC
 f8f739443 MB-57666 With CBO do not always pick index scan with order
 778392163 MB-57647 Modify fix
 d249562aa MB-57647 Do not use covering index scan for system indexes
 50b79e362 MB-57645. Pick latest gocbcore
 2d9ea3eb9 MB-57646 Fix unit tests
 1021eaa53 MB-21959 Implement switchable duration output format
 0ded91abd MB-57473: Allow query to read from replica only if cluster supports it
 44d77b8e3 MB-39484: Remove N1QL support for password-less buckets.
 1c7ad86b9 MB-39494: Remove N1QL support for password-less buckets.
 15a1ff8c6 MB-57598 Revise test cases
 94badcd01 MB-57598 Handle additional date component separators
 ec5677965  MB-56286: support indexer agnostic securityChange handler
 4928ec67d MB-57284: Upgrade to gocbcore@v10.2.5
 727215138 MB-57348 defensively check that dequeued request is populated
 883c16a1c MB-57394: go mod tidy
 8a949f149 MB-56348 defensively check that dequeued request is populated
 61a3f1c38 MB-57346 Handle OR clause with IS MISSING better in index advisor
 4f9d74e58 MB-57197 Fix unit test failure
 c0cb02767 MB-57197 Enhance date functions.
 95bbd2ca0 MB-57287 Revise implementation.
 a9f727a16 MB-57240 Handle Subqueries separately
 d3ab2c7d8 MB-56916 Use arrays to insert redaction tags...
 473727c38 MB-57287 Support XML output format
 59b270203 Update
 e02d1dffe MB-57240 Proper detect and mark correlated subqueries from encoded plan
 a3d3c2428 MB-56912 : Add -advise option to CBQ shell
 ab17850ed MB-57197 Revise date functions.
 f9fc60614 MB-57229 Revise perms for admin endpoints
 b58e29e35 MB-57209 Add mask and fixedlength filter options
 1fa968ca1 MB-57209 Redact function.
 00789c76f MB-57187 Follow-up fix
 cde105e6b MB-57187 Additional updates for apple M1 chip
 b9873f4fd MB-57187 Update unit test for apple M1 chip
 34cb2e313 go mod tidy
 2ef5758b0 MB-57169 Retry host to node ID resolution...
 1d42b0cdb MB-45267 Revise fix
 b070b735f MB-57153 Revert to path elements in E_DATASTORE_INSUFFICIENT_CREDENTIALS
 4d6e8b4e8 MB-45267 Limit use of errors.NewError
 b3bb70998 MB-57146 Fix admin endpoint redaction
 109987083 MB-54782 Revise fix.
 1f386d73e MB-56524: Support for EXPLAIN FUNCTION statement.
 58018b6e3 MB-57116 Change threshold qualifier to check ...
 095528bb8 MB-56128 Provide pretty option for admin endpoints
 c8be2f3af MB-57052 improve fix
 ec5babb8b MB-56553 Rcte builtin function
 aa53dcd52 MB-57102 Use a separate structure for WITH clause
 6dac1bddb MB-57052 check bucket cleanup status every minute
 2654b7491 MB-57038 Address memory usage for host to UUID mapping
 e503a6faf MB-56956 Don't close operators more than once
 bb01d5d1c MB-57103 fix error codes
 9564ee87d MB-56968 Revise new key checking limits
 f8afe6b76 MB-57100 Add node_uuid function
 aed72242c MB-57099. Report actual memory Usage percent with respect to node quota
 6fc6dafba MB-57072 Ensure state isn't released whilst in use
 a9ea549d0 MB-57073: [query] Fix missing mutationCount in DMLs on system keyspaces
 6f871121e MB-56040 Correct type for memory usage
 e9994553c MB-57048 Report host resolution failure in PrepareTopologyChange
 c3648cace MB-57046 Add FFDC count to vitals
 2e2c8e832 MB-56997: FIx hang when a query plan is executed via ExecutePrepared() and there is a fatal error in the root operator.
 11b6d4596 MB-57022 Add admin endpoint to access diagnostic logs
 4c3c3756f MB-56771: fix errors in regulator stats
 c11b3c26d MB-56372: Fix mistaken assignment in ExecutePrepared()
 cfe0da5e3 MB-56816 Enasure bucket updater is started when reloading the namespace.
 637f99c1f MB-56771: update metrics_metadata.json w/ regulator metrics
 6180eaf9d MB-56933 emit 'n1ql_' prefixed regulator stats
 a60854d37 MB-56988 Handle FALSE WHERE clause better
gometa is at 96e745a, changes since last good build: none
ns_server is at 5ebfe79, changes since last good build: 
 5ebfe79d9 MB-55578: Store MonitorState correctly in health_monitor:handle_call
 4d7ecdfec MB-55578: Simplify kv_stats_monitor refresh mechanism
 7145e80dc MB-58168: Only get statuses from ns_memcached once in ns_heart
 9604df586 MB-55578: Only get statuses from ns_memcached once in kv_monitor
 0408af843 Revert "Check for duplicate REST keys"
 d3ff245d6 MB-58218: Correct typo causing bad match in kv_stats_monitor
 52e100754 Check for duplicate REST keys
 c107fefe9 MB-57993: Reduce default num_vbuckets to 16 ...
 52f7a613a [cluster_tests]: Remove setting num_vbuckets.
 aa3ee06dc MB-56332: Remove throttle support from internalSettings
 be6b7b7f0 MB-57924 Allow resetting collection maxTTL via set_manifest
 999b2fd49 MB-56513: use consistent radio boxes
 7f4331a76 MB-58172: Make "sendStats" mandatory for community edition
 3c93814a6 MB-57994 Check for duplicate params in request
 ccbde3ab7 [cluster_tests] New clusters still need to be checked...
 ac5aaae0b [cluster_tests] Add MasterPasswordState cluster requirement
 74e1f68bb [cluster_tests] Get rid of annoying print from xmlschema
 7491c5737 [cluster_tests]: Test travel-sample loading on ...
 9a2a81a05 MB-55578: Make kv_stats_monitor use map rather than state
 14bd6194e [cluster_tests] Fix group_testsets
 ed0bcceee MB-24487: [SAML] Minor UI corrections
 b381b8e26 MB-57501: Test "cert will expire soon" alerts
 03db2921a MB-57493: Add tests for EC key, RSA key, and PKCS12 certs
 8cfa4a3cf MB-24487: Redirect user from uilogout to /saml/deauth
 69788bc5e MB-52181: Fix cert expiration alerts
 73ea2c999 MB-48217: [SM] Add cluster tests for password via command
 770a13db4 MB-48217: [SM] Fix API call that comes right after another failed...
 a4d91613e MB-48217: [SM] Add unit-tests for upgrade from 7.2
 c35d6cfbf MB-48217: [SM] Add secret management settings API
 7a82dc838 MB-48217: [SM] Manage datakey using external cmd
 1cbf5eed2 MB-48217: [SM] Support for reading master password via cmd
 cfa46b529 MB-48217: [SM] Add support for gosecrets config reload
 f6861d30d MB-48217: [SM] Add some gosecrets unit-tests
 a3ba91b12 MB-48217: [SM] Split encryption_service code into
 fd29ad341 MB-48217: [SM] Add some tests for secret management
 14cc0eac4 MB-48217: [SM] Log unexpected messages in encr service
 2b8c184ba MB-48217: [SM] Send panic reason to babysitter
 feb076bfd MB-48217: [SM] Add logging in gosecrets
 8a0575ddd MB-48217: [SM] encryption_service refactoring
 55d431b4c MB-56513: single sign-out UI
 2b92dffd4 [cluster_tests]: Fix incorrect f-string.
 2f223cb34 [cluster_tests]: Rename function.
 562469c10 MB-55578: Always store refresh_interval in health_monitor state
 3457e2b05 MB-55578: Reduce minimum auto-failover timeout value to 1 second
 beb777865 MB-58148, MB-57260: Fix removing per-node keys on node ejection.
 f0d9e53a7 MB-57924 Added unit tests for collection maxTTL
 bdf5283d3 MB-57924 Provide way to reset collection maxTTL
 b3101102a MB-57924 Pass maxTTL=0 to memcached to disable TTL
 fb23a827e Update the release for newly added stats
 3355e3dfc MB-58138 Add replacment for sysproc_cpu_utilization
 9fce76b4b Revert "MB-55578: Make kv_stats_monitor use map rather than state"
 7655963c9 Revert "MB-55578: Simplify kv_stats_monitor refresh mechanism"
 048fe8e38 MB-55578: Simplify kv_stats_monitor refresh mechanism
 08d14b47e MB-55578: Make kv_stats_monitor use map rather than state
 e50da99a1 MB-55578: Correct health_monitor behaviour callback specs
 e2fb54ed5 MB-55578: Simplify refresh logic in index_monitor
 1c49131b4 MB-55578: Pass health_monitor State to can_refresh
 56e00a380 MB-55578: Use map in index_monitor state rather than record
 47aed640f MB-55578: Move specific monitor testing earlier in test
 f4ed5693f MB-55578: Scale monitor refresh with auto-failover timeout < 5s
 fd1bb33c0 MB-55578: Cache monitors in node_status_analyzer state
 b30357f63 MB-57989: Use nodes_wanted in ns_heart:status_all rather than nodes()
 6728a4d17 MB-58009 fix incorrectly written label_to_service
 105b1f886 MB-58009 cache size overrides should work for any services, not
 fbedde260 MB-58036 Add query sequences roles.
 343362ea6 MB-56860: add retry logic and show result in textarea
 98897e72d MB-56860: show up all connectionPreCheck errors
 ee82d8d39 MB-58091 Bump manifest UID on upgrade
 b3fd8118a Filter out deleted files from git diff used by erlang formatter
 6c346f4f7 MB-55587: Move child monitor test setup after parent monitor setup
 92c062e06 MB-58087: Log auto-failover logic state when we create it
 91e0f2fef MB-58087: Use correct timeout when updating auto failover logic state
 37434058c MB-57773 Adding secrets management status to cbcollect_info
 4409cf85b MB-57966: Persist query completed-max-plan-size settings
 00ed8dd4a MB-55578: Cache local monitors in node_monitor state
 d28ea1e0b Fix typo: apply_on_belalf_of_identity -> apply_on_behalf_of_identity
 fba7f2f82 MB-57499: Add tests for password hash settings
 11e168e38 MB-57572: Check status of write of service map on failover
 a767c8f5a [cluster_tests]: Test delta-recovery mid storage_mode migration.
 e2d5b7ba8 MB-56513: delete spVerifyRecipientValue if Recipient is custom
 17d9e006a MB-56513: disable the form fields correctly
 c2ae55f49 MB-56513: reset form errors on submit
 b49541d5e MB-56513: hide appropriate fields when File or Custom Node is selected
 cb98d80ba MB-56513: use mn-file-reader for the Trusted Fingerprints
 b6f3916e5 MB-56513: add http_one_time parameter support
 f03c1d17a MB-56513: use mn-file-reader for other file fields
 a837f9e6a MB-56513: upgrade mn-file-reader and use for Load IDP
 5f7a8fe7f MB-56513: allow admin to create external user if saml is enabled
 5c5512810 Revert "MB-56073: Revert "MB-55588/MB-55747: Fix couch_docs_fragmentation for old endpoint""
 27cb6e322 MB-57572: Update service map after bucket prep.
 5f167a73a MB-24487: Logout saml users when saml gets disabled
 ef47d7741 MB-24487: Fix cert validation
 0fdc4992f Put licence info in order for tests
 ec7dc5e66 [cluster_tests] Disable colors when not in terminal
 828fdcfb7 MB-57522: Add cluster tests for int pass rotation
 8c8c6220c [cluster_tests] Move data_path to node
 d09f4c822 MB-56513: asterisks are fine for spKey
 4d59d72bd MB-56513: make form fully reactive and update on save
 9a46ca294 [cluster_tests] Add "services" cluster requirement
 436283945 [cluster_connect] Add --start-index support
 692047639 [cluster_tests] Add some improvements in poll_for_condition
 9aa565ab9 Revert "[cluster_tests]: Test delta-recovery mid storage_mode migration."
 2aea08da4 [cluster_tests]: Test delta-recovery mid storage_mode migration.
 bc15604ee MB-55579: Disable storage mode migration in serverless.
 4903ec44c MB-55579: Bucket storage mode migration.
 a67a42b54 Add bucket_test in cluster_tests runs by default
 1eae3369d MB-57800 Add bucket capabilities for system collections
 332d39fd7 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 2b39dc1f7 Return "numVBuckets" instead of "numVbuckets" in  ...
 76e7f5837 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 b74a2d0fd MB-57945: Update metrics metadata
 1e4510898 [cluster_tests] Add import time to prom_sd_config_test
 6c7409707 MB-58003 Add unit test for _system scope upgrade.
 5aff19b25 MB-46500: [users_backup] Make include and exclude mutually...
 8aef25d27 MB-57800/MB-57683: Upgrade on-prem buckets to use _system scope
 4aee4425d MB-57800/MB-57683 Add _system scope to on-prem configurations
 624d1d9b3 Erlang formatter changes for commit hook
 9d94f6ac9 MB-55578: Make specialised health monitor handle_cast/info return state
 ee3f17a88 improve the printout of build_dynamic_bucket_info_test
 97df95248 MB-55578: Add extra unit tests to dcp_traffic_monitor
 c7239c8fa MB-55578: Make auto_failover_tick_period configurable
 367c37304 MB-55578: Move auto_failover tick_period to state
 45209fbc3 MB-55578: Set inactive time to 2x refresh_interval
 d65a649c9 MB-56860: Add PreCheck to adding a remote cluster
 84e2d0ccb MB-57332: Add XDCR Filter Binary Checkbox
 777cc8129 MB-56513: Import mnUserRolesService
 4da7e339e MB-55578: Make health_monitor refresh intervals configurable
 ed432de08 MB-55578: Pass child monitor state to health_monitor:send_heartbeat
 7eb85244b MB-55578: Calculate/store refresh_interval in health_monitor
 65c52bff0 MB-53073 Add stats to CbAuth cache
 3bfa7a216 MB-57887 No expiration for _system scope collections
 88858443c Verify alt addresses available
 8ed917664 MB-56513: Integrating SAML SSO configuration UI
 a317f7acc MB-31806: Allow modification of collection maxTTL
 cf902564a MB-57886: Parse pressure statistics from ns_server.stats.log.
 b1bedff27 MB-57826: Add provisioned config profile
 e289973c7 Reformat collections.erl tests
 71d9e4a3b MB-57589 Change VERSION_ELIXIR to VERSION_TRINITY
 063702a0a Fix formatting for collections:verify_oper
 3012971bf Add comment explaining how dcp_proxy:nuke_connection works
 2e817f7dc Fix erlang diff formatter for file creation
 dd4c2fbb5 MB-56470 Unblock ns_audit in case memcached is slow
 216235965 MB-56470 Continue sending logs if einval error happens
 11134ee4e MB-53072 Make cbauth cache size configurable
 7ac670caf MB-57790 Use min replicas when loading sample buckets
 4eb03ac55 Merge "MB-57614 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.1.x'" into neo
 1dca0de1c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 0158e2e43 MB-57614 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.1.x'
 7948e4efc MB-57682: Verify couch_config:set succeeded.
 95d31a224 Make erlang formatter check mode run git diff quietly if run under hook
 5396c86d2 [cluster_tests] Ability to specify seed for tests
 81495f57c MB-55578: Rename peers_changed fun in health_monitor to config_changed
 52fa67e06 MB-55578: Remove health_monitor:common_init
 337d9e21c MB-55578: Store refresh_interval in health_monitor state
 def3fbd5c MB-55578: Pass MonitorState to health monitor handle_call impl
 9eaa5ca1d MB-55578: Pass MonitorState to health monitor handle_info/cast impl
 f8acab984 MB-55578: Add can_refresh function to health monitors for test/assertion
 a3195c2ca MB-55578: Add basic unit test for health monitor functionality
 b3ebb5db0 Fix incorrect timeout value in wait_for_rebalance.
 0849ceea8 MB-55578: Add and use health monitor behaviour
 26e37da45 Code coverage for unit tests
 b1f5dd070 MB-57674: Ensure cluster_tests doesn't crash on test setup fail
 d81ac6f37 MB-57677 Fix misc badmatch error
 17b294dee Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo'
 ff0b9860d MB-57596 Add sysproc_start_time to stats description file
 b5e870fb2 MB-57639: Check collection manifest has changed before updating
 e3392a122 MB-57632: Add metrics_metadata.json entry for sys_disk_time_seconds
 a7662afe1 MB-55948: Revert "MB-55912: Temporarily disable history for default collection"
 6ab9d368c MB-56030: Revert "MB-55960: Temporarily disable history for all collections"
 a45139e1a Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 fce1b5128 MB-55376 allow clients to request periodic heartbeats on all
 62fa828a8 MB-55376 allow client to enable periodic heartbeats sent via REVRPC
 633ead703 MB-57591 Report stats to prometheus
 cd0d04312 MB-57472 Add "readFromReplica" clusterCapability
 1291fd7d7 [BP] MB-57614 Fix case_clause issue in stats
 ccffbbedb Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 07ad14836 MB-57449: path_config_data_dir default value for cbcollect_info
 67bbf88b4 MB-57454: Replace _deleted keys with Default in dump-guts
 d4e59f751 Add -o option to cluster_tests help
 5d9814412 MB-56842 Poll for desired condition
 261185c86 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo'
 bb3b155cb MB-57484 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/7.1.x'
 e32c7d78d MB-57484 [BP] attempt to delete unused buckets from memcached before
 729278257 MB-57470 Add subdoc.ReplicaRead to bucketCapabilities
 ea9fa785c MB-56023: Allow autofailover if only a single kv-node remains
 790a31f17 [cluster tests] Add some time stats
 15f87e792 [cluster tests] Turn on debug output in wait_node_up...
 c12e232dd cluster_tests: Skip subsequent tests after a test_teardown fail
 4733dd08f MB-57312: [ldap] Add formatting for {asn1_enum, N} errors
 74e207034 MB-57476: cluster_run_lib - Catch all exceptions in wait_node_up
 9899cc690 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 82d43a3cd MB-57331: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.1.x' into neo
 cf57872cd MB-57331: Set data key after recovering master password
 25263ee69 MB-57331: Fix restart of gosecrets after password change
 0e5240f9a MB-55508: Add test condition for failover
 e7f25fd37 MB-55508: Bulk config updates over buckets for failover
 77eee2973 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 aa73fe16c [cluster tests] Intercept output from tests
 1eb9b00a3 [cluster_test] Print traceback after result
 e7df2f0f0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 fab2a286c MB-57006: Upgrade GOVERSION to SUPPORTED_NEWER
 b241b6767 cluster_tests: fix formatting and remove redundant code
 6d0c81cef MB-57337: Show vbucket under cursor in rebalance plotter
 903f3967a [cluster_test] Print traceback with variables
 20909f6a8 MB-46500: [Users backup] Return users and groups that...
 4c1718c5f MB-56825 Move minReplicaCount to new endpoint
 fe1f878a9 [cluster_run]: Shutdown nodes gracefully.
 481b4143f MB-57361: Fix broken auto-failover when a single monitor is in use
 e5bce357c [cluster tests] Flush the output of test name
 7972001b4 [cluster tests] Show test duration
 8e6ed2964 MB-56447 Don't reply back to the sync requesters if a refresh is in progress
 e6e643386 MB-55347: Add magma props only when it's a magma bucket.
 da20c2998 MB-56842: Add serviceless node test to cluster_test suite
 af9293eee [cluster tests] Pretty print list of testsets
 5fc651d34 Allow rebalance plot to show rebalance with unfinished moves
 ae25fffe4 MB-56839: Check raw_ram_quota for loading into existing bucket
 7b2963e1a MB-56447 Fix ns_server exit when memcached_refresh becomes irresponsive
 f29a1b46b Rename rebalance-flow.txt->
 3c0c66ec6 Erlang diff formatter using emacs
 bad0cfdce MB-56833: assert if rebalance succeeded in Cluster.rebalance
 13800889c MB-56834: Keep track of connected nodes for REST requests
 dcbe4abc6 Fix error masking during bucket props update.
 b97959cee MB-57162: Accept message types from pre-elixir service_agents ...
 b1b97c701 MB-56034: Make a script to generate index workload.
 5500331dd Remove ns_dialyzer_obsessive from CMakeLists.txt
 234174cd2 MB-57065 Add cluster_test for /prometheus_sd_config
 d3b3a9de6 cluster_tests: Wait for rebalance when create/delete bucket
 9690824ba cluster_tests: List specific unmet requirements
 21f3e0652 MB-57258: Add analytics settings for blob storage
 e6cde4318 cluster_tests: Make connected_nodes requirement strict
 31ee0b591 Add basic test for on-behalf-of
 58902e0eb extract_effective_identity should take into account whole...
 40376c906 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo'"
 793ab259f Fix broken sigar unit test on mac
 4f30e5c24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo'
 b2241b51c MB-56894 allow all full admins to access memcached on behalf of other
 5b2084a41 MB-56894 allow all full admins to act on behalf of other users
 45deb126f MB-56825 Add unit tests for minimum replicas
 82f54b0a2 MB-56825 Support min replicas for buckets
 01c36fd15 MB-57176: Couchdb incorrectly started serverless
 56a1bb6b7 Update dcp_traffic_monitor comment.
 a5c55c8dc Fix usage of needs_attention.
 fc0cca488 MB-46500: Add audit for users when restoring them from backup
 9a4c9b3a0 MB-24487: Make saml integration EE only
 e4ed85f6f MB-46500: Add tests for users backup/restore
 ef80c4661 MB-46500: Add canOverwrite param for rbac backup restore
 e70abc2d0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into master
 60815afa2 Merge "MB-57006: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.1.x' into neo" into neo
 c7c4e8d47 MB-57006: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.1.x' into neo
 67ad7cf90 MB-55825: update FTS node capacity
 65db1e773 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo'"
 113228494 MB-56730: Flag a missing ns_server_monitor update from a node.
 bdeb67bc7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo'
 a97369039 MB-55376 add NodeUUID to the cbauth payload for external clients
 b89f81bbc MB-55376 cbauth for external clients
 869907821 MB-56412 Provide reason for needing rebalance
 198fc88eb Add support for filtering ns_test via cmake
 772f5cdb9 MB-57111: Add mcstat bucket_details to cbcollect
 be8f617c9 MB-52912 Revoke n1ql.meta!read perm from bucket_admin
 6ae0a3874 MB-55576: Take into account services when selecting orchestrator node
 a4f4c69a8 Make sure ldap tests don't affect each other
 026f1d514 MB-56911: Add mb_master override to force orchestrator move
 3975166d6 MB-55576: Refactor mb_master priority to use common functions
 78d0fef01 MB-55576: Use common setup and teardown for mb_master tests
 a63709b2c MB-55576: Add mb_master state diagram
 d3d3e679f MB-55576: Add strongly lower priority test
 1395c86e3 MB-55576: Expand higher_priority_node test in mb_master.erl
 c5b36e7f2 MB-57087 "wrap" autogeneratedClientKey so it gets sanitized
 146dcfd9e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 9d1f8c517 Change "units" to "unit" for sys_pressure_total_stall_time_usec
 f444729fa MB-55576: Format mb_master.erl
 9472bdbce MB-55576: Remove MB-33750 workaround
 8bd657dcb MB-56916 Use POST for gathering Query request data
 36692bf21 Add xmlsec1 dep in cluster_tests README
 7562089e8 MB-57063: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.2.0'
 29b25d716 MB-57063 "wrap" autogeneratedKey so it gets sanitized
 776a5204a MB-57068: Upgrade GOVERSION to SUPPORTED_NEWER
 0dca42ad5 Correctly remove idp.subject* in SamlTests
 f0e413cd7 MB-56517 Add stats which are not computed rates
 415253590 MB-56440: Allow concurrent sample bucket imports
 a888e38a8 cluster_tests: Unspecified requirements should be ignored
 1bfc080b3 MB-55047 Add prometheus http service discovery
 624d5e08f Allow partial and multiple task updates
 0148afaf7 MB-56487: Rename api_test->cluster_tests in CMakeLists.txt
 1be9ba032 MB-56487: Rename api_tests to cluster_tests
 7c76b83f1 MB-56411: Add log and configuration file to sigar_port
 472292451 MB-55732: Fix menelaus_roles:params_version_test()
couchstore is at c392c9b, changes since last good build: 
 c392c9b MB-57298: Fix handling of couch_compact --dropdeletes
 aebbaa7 MB-57314: Revert ctypes.CDLL() winmode behaviour to pre- Python 3.8
 e74c757 couchscript: Add missing header for ntohll()
forestdb is at acba458, changes since last good build: none
kv_engine is at e36344c, changes since last good build: 
 e36344ce0 MB-55357: Validate Marker's visible-snap-end at PassiveStream
 221c3d348 MB-49779: dcpdrain: Add support for true_with_seqno_advanced OSO support
 76f62a958 Add number of clients and items_in_transit stats
 fe075052d MB-56671: Fix raciness when scheduling ItemFreqDecayerTask
 fc3f9a8c8 Extend dumping of command extras
 8aa46267d Allow for missing audit_descriptors in non-prod builds
 9bb3a9671 MB-56672: Limit concurrency on various tasks
 4a57437f5 RangeScanCreate don't accept extras
 af5d44fdc Don't include "key" attribute if its empty
Switching indexing to unstable
indexing is at ba2f782, changes since last good build: none
Switching plasma to unstable
plasma is at 68b494e, changes since last good build: 
fatal: Invalid revision range 9be28a037d9a6cee64e9239c71a02fc2a000e539..HEAD

Switching nitro to unstable
nitro is at d5f5610, changes since last good build: none
Switching gometa to master
gometa is at 96e745a, changes since last good build: none
Switching testrunner to master
Submodule 'gauntlet' ( registered for path 'gauntlet'
Submodule 'java_sdk_client' ( registered for path 'java_sdk_client'
Submodule 'lib/capellaAPI' ( registered for path 'lib/capellaAPI'
Submodule 'magma_loader/DocLoader' ( registered for path 'magma_loader/DocLoader'
Cloning into '/opt/build/testrunner/gauntlet'...
Cloning into '/opt/build/testrunner/java_sdk_client'...
Cloning into '/opt/build/testrunner/lib/capellaAPI'...
Cloning into '/opt/build/testrunner/magma_loader/DocLoader'...
Submodule path 'gauntlet': checked out '4e2424851a59c6f4b4edfdb7e36fa6a0874d6300'
Submodule path 'java_sdk_client': checked out 'de89b059ce28567dbac18afb032271a4eaa674ff'
Submodule path 'lib/capellaAPI': checked out '68e82ccf81006c91dd9b861064e085969bfa656b'
Submodule path 'magma_loader/DocLoader': checked out '0f32672eea77681939c9b26d43f60bd4b3478936'
testrunner is at 3f74859, changes since last good build: none
Pulling in uncommitted change 191342 at refs/changes/42/191342/9
Total 8 (delta 5), reused 5 (delta 5)
[unstable 5df7c06c] MB-57427: disable array index tests
 Author: Dhruvil Shah 
 Date: Mon May 22 10:24:11 2023 +0530
 2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 193825 at refs/changes/25/193825/1
Total 6 (delta 5), reused 6 (delta 5)
[unstable 4abaee9f] MB100: CIFail - Enable info level client logs after TestScheduleIndexBasic
 Author: Sai Krishna Teja Kommaraju 
 Date: Fri Jul 14 00:58:44 2023 +0530
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)
Pulling in uncommitted change 194416 at refs/changes/16/194416/16
Total 5 (delta 3), reused 4 (delta 3)
[unstable e24780d8] MB-57804 PruneShards for placement
 Author: Varun Velamuri 
 Date: Wed Jul 26 11:52:44 2023 -0700
 1 file changed, 224 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 194629 at refs/changes/29/194629/6
Total 8 (delta 5), reused 7 (delta 5)
[unstable a5e8f098] MB-55947 Support n1ql create index in cbindex
 Author: hari kishore 
 Date: Mon Jul 31 18:58:07 2023 -0700
 2 files changed, 191 insertions(+), 28 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 195164 at refs/changes/64/195164/2
Total 6 (delta 5), reused 6 (delta 5)
[unstable 9955eeac] MB-57613 GSI client Rollback logging improvement
 Author: hari kishore 
 Date: Wed Aug 9 18:24:03 2023 -0700
 1 file changed, 19 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 195239 at refs/changes/39/195239/1
Total 10 (delta 8), reused 10 (delta 8)
[unstable e526a8be] MB-58235 Ignore instances whose storage path is not found during recovery
 Author: Varun Velamuri 
 Date: Thu Aug 10 18:14:06 2023 -0700
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+)
Pulling in uncommitted change 195257 at refs/changes/57/195257/3
Total 6 (delta 1), reused 1 (delta 1)
[unstable cab4186b] MB-55073: Add more node level stats for indexer
 Author: Vedant Singh 
 Date: Fri Aug 11 16:41:43 2023 +0530
 2 files changed, 56 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 195279 at refs/changes/79/195279/1
Total 5 (delta 4), reused 5 (delta 4)
[unstable 7e64f55b] MB-57825: Enable LSS flush buffer tuning
 Author: Saptarshi Sen 
 Date: Fri Aug 11 10:53:36 2023 -0700
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 195281 at refs/changes/81/195281/1
Total 5 (delta 4), reused 5 (delta 4)
[unstable b99eef16] MB-58252 Pass partnMergeWaitGroup by reference
 Author: Varun Velamuri 
 Date: Fri Aug 11 11:51:47 2023 -0700
 1 file changed, 21 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)
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