Started building at 2022/12/17 09:57:42
Using pegged server, 3440 build
Calculating base
Updating mirror
Basing run on 7.5.0-3440 b86cfe3d26
Updating tree for run 17.12.2022-09.57
query is at dcc24f8, changes since last good build: 
 dcc24f8e1 MB-54881 Change function name to be more explicit
 806715f94 MB-54881 No need to get document count for system keyspaces
 f56e988ec MB-54881 Proper check for SYSTEM namespace in dictionary
 e5011d8a0 MB-54881 standardize system string to SYSTEM_NAMESPACE_NAME
 854fdbd94 MB-54880 Allow recommended index with leading missing key to have a WHERE clause
 dcf737b2f Upgrade to bleve@v2.3.6
 f5ef1390e MB-54879 Reset expiration when input is invalid
 e6502da5c MB-54855 Track unnested item growth
 91d45b550 MB-54871 Use dummy base for Advise
 fb69527e4 MB-54865 add quotes to throttle times
 fa7861ace Upgrade to cbauth@v0.1.5 (cbgt)
 6ab27204d MB-54858 Convert allocated values gauge to a counter
 d903ae8b9 MB-54859 Properly set exact span for index with leading missing key and a where clause
 dd6c7c964 MB-54839 Correct test function name
 6ecc5f920 MB-54824 Add plan phase sub-times.
 59783c9ee MB-54839 Fix sequential scan single key validation for collections.
 1630911ee MB-54844 Initialise GSI error patterns up front
 91d508347 Keep only latest 12 dumps (2 hours worth)
 4f76f400a MB-54836 : Fix panic in running queries when sequential scans are disabled and there is no index for said query.
 e2a670214 Dump heap when process memory usage exceeds 80%
 2fdf3cfbc MB-53985 : Add logging for changes in n1ql-feat-ctrl query parameter on query service start-up also
 84fb9c427 MB-54821 Print SSL verification warning in cbq.
 4db862908 MB-54809 Handle nested simple functions in index advisor
 3bdb5b21f MB-53985 : Add logging for changes to the n1ql-feat-ctrl parameter. Add the disabled features in controls.
 c4e5104ec Fix test failure
 840d09d04 Remove duplicated statistic
 251bf5995 MB-54804 Do not include SELF as recommended index key
 8d6ed3184 MB-54799 first cut for memory diagnostics and management
 1d029d455 MB-29131 Return index details from CREATE INDEX statement
 952ad86ea MB-54748 Correct timeout mechanism for sequential scans.
 5bde6261d MB-54782 Add values counter metric
 ca8ef91e7 Sync time on SIGCONT
 4eb2b94f4 Fix build issue
 b84279e51 go mod tidy
 1aa90c452 Periodically resync util.Time base
 90642d911 MB-30383 : Add OFFSET clause to DELETE statement
 3cc89e044 MB-54732 amend throttling error message
 db1a4ee81 MB-54277 Use operator context for deleting optimizer statistics
 1aba8d80a MB-52685 : Add authentication to the admin/stats endpoint.
 5bd1e5ace MB-54730 Cache annotated value size
 b77ae6d7c MB-54740 Address panic in advise.
 f1c3cca02 MB-54670 Change audit domain & user
 cc11e1bc1 MB-54670 Use couchbase as the domain for auditing
 b16595d3d MB-54614 Better account for Value overhead.
 e7040bde8 MB-54713 Correct curl user option processing
 ff8f01cae MB-54253 Adjustment for sample size
 85c475eec MB-49506 : GROUP AS - Introduce GROUP AS clause as an optional clause in GROUP BY
 4cdc39a8c MB-53753 Fix issue with unit test
 deb69ba55 MB-54478 : Changes to js-evaluator interface
 7e0512411 MB-53753 terminate IO ops on operator stop
 7e12cfae6 expose connection pool stats
 00517826a MB-54630 Disable KV tracing
 30ca44317 MB-54537 Minor simplification
 b11772899 MB-54659 Detect expired request timeout...
 c2960144b Use flags for order and group operator attributes
 88df380a3 Rebuild sub-query if reopen fails
 03ddac7f6 MB-54537 Use flags for correlation references
 87a97c512 MB-53601 Copy filter before covering transformation
 a2101ceef MB-54630 Enable KV tracing feature
 0a9644679 MB-54629 Don't overwrite existing last_scan_time
 0b9a107f9 MB-54629 Add last_scan_time to index metadata
 ee493c1fb MB-54197 Support LATERAL keyword in lateral join
 1dccdf22b use grep -w option in
 091dacc2e MB-53564 disable js billing until js CU computed properly
 5b1f16ff0 MB-54465 admin user throttled
 ecaadb9f1 MB-54506 Add new formats to string parsing function.
 ea76d0699 MB-54586 Track value memory for FTS search
 91240a5f6 MB-54584 Fix logic in detecting duplicated bit vector entry for hash join
 49250fcfa MB-54568 Fix logic in choosing primary index and leadkey-missing index
 2d0c80c2b MB-54537 Use errors package for formalizer
 b25300975 MB-54537 Modifications of previous fix
 b921f190b MB-54499 Clean-up curl function options
 5a15fdf66 MB-54572: Update tools-common
 7550b4de5 MB-54506 More date formats
 8b62e2f74 Log all requests details early.
 f100ad016 MB-54537 Keep track of correlation references
 e0b52a966 MB-54522 Retry range scan on KEY_ENOENT CONTINUE response.
 d829cc5d4 build repo updates
 898d40cf4 MB-54540 Put Limit after early Order only when index spans are exact
 73b98ac17 go mod tidy
 4db9a0ec4 MB-54522 Retry range scan on NNVB CONTINUE response.
 1642b600d MB-54522 Increase sequential scan retries
 64dfb5ba6 MB-54495 Fix test cases
 f8cc3992c typo
 a854d7f61 MB-54495 Don't preserve original values ...
 39a015a62 MB-33983 MB-54277 introduce per operator context to be able to stop expression evaluations and suspend calling operator
 4adb13cba ditch parent scan
 44c2c2140 MB-54406 Add resident ratio to keyspace stats in dictionary
 bf51464b6 Fix script
 df1a663f2 Match local build version to installed version
 cbb6b0009 Revert "MB-54192 : Introduce Index5 interface, with Alter5 method - if indexing ever requires user credentials for Alter."
 7f3bd73dc MB-54390 Revise fix
 f7d0895e7 MB-52918 Exclude bindings from star expansions
 33269ba84 MB-54390 Copy VALUES OPTIONS in UPSERT/INSERT
 2e288e831 MB-54390 Copy static OPTIONS in UPSERT/INSERT
 fc474ceda MB-54168 serialize runner management
gometa is at 4f94ea5, changes since last good build: none
ns_server is at e7be9c7, changes since last good build: 
 e7be9c7ec MB-52469: Log AllowUnsafe to user logger while starting failover
 eae54ea92 Add api_tests to ns-test for commit validation
 3d7a306ab MB-49447 Add bucket api tests for create and update endpoints
 dfd25e6e3 Changes to api_tests for automatic cluster creation
 c68ef5f9f MB-52349: Introduce hibernation_manager module.
 43e1c44e0 MB-54849 Retry etmpfail when setting cluster config
 f0684ed56 MB-54846: Add cbstats range-scans to cbcollect_info
 a1e2c9d70 Refactor API'es in service_manager module.
 d14dd7fad Update .gitignore for new api_tests
 b59886b21 Remove unused field "admin" in memcached.json
 fd0ac755f MB-54835: Add cluster_compat_mode checks in service_agent
 c5b60e830 MB-54016 Add tcp_user_timeout tuneable
 431fd3699 MB-54404: encal: remove x86_64 compiler flags on macOS
 1c0d38d94 MB-54677: Add cbcollect start and end events to system event log
 984d7e9f3 MB-52349: Add exit_on_first_error flag for wait_many/3.
 efe245763 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 4d5b27cb4 Add tests to async module.
 bad75e7df MB-52349: Refactor service_rebalancer and service_agent
 a85cd2eaf Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 1f7ad0896 Wrap authentication info in function
 8f9123bf3 MB-52261, MB-52262 when adding nodes via selective services rebalance
 39b8f3efb MB-52261, MB-52262 disallow delta recovery if custom list of services
 ba347411d MB-52261, MB-52262 error out if one of the services rebalance is
 543fcbdcf MB-54767: Call UpdateURL only for internal revrpc connections
 3ced4cab9 MB-54345: Replace http_uri:parse with misc:parse_url
 f7202af68 MB-52623: Sanitize passwords in cbauth
 a8c69ba79 MB-54764: Memcached max_client_connection_details setting
 05fd92981 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 8b6d790f1 MB-54582: Minor changes required for upgrade to erlang 25
 60716102a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 fc1492843 MB-54641: Backport tuning of TCP keepalive
 32101480b MB-54649 Memcached free_connection_pool_size setting
 2f93210e5 MB-54396 [BP] Report correct stats
 38831e556 MB-54396 [BP] Make sure promQL optimizations don't change...
 18850d64d MB-53548 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 42bc51daf MB-52548 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/mad-hatter'
 c8f9c9607 MB-54674: Revert "Revert "MB-54624: Merge 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'..
 a03e4b129 MB-53548 [BP] Do not pass password as an arg
 417cc6980 MB-54649 Memcached connection_limit_mode setting
 863559db7 MB-54619: Make Neo branch 7.2.0 rather than 7.1.0
 6c8a29469 Revert "Revert "MB-54268 Conditionally pass '--disable-bucket-config'""
 f3bd8795b MB-52623: Make multiple admin passwords compatible with...
 186782e37 MB-52623: Add periodic int creds rotation
 dea3613f8 MB-52623: Add internal creds rotation endpoint
 189701a14 MB-52623: Update revrpc url in case of password change
 7588bdcc2 MB-52623: Add support for dynamic env vars in ns_port_server
 fd21a673e MB-52623: Add support for multiple internal passwords
 82f8705b4 MB-52623: Add support for multiple hashes for users
 8247cbc6d MB-52623: Upgrade plain auth records
 528837704 MB-52623: Fix memcached_cfg:sync/0
 6339abd17 MB-53513 Reduce key.log size and number of files
 f458c33e2 MB-54694: Fix json_rpc.log rotation setting
 32a893a3f Revert "MB-54624: Merge 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into neo"
 81799024f MB-54624: Merge 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into neo
 0d4491669 MB-54648: Merge 'couchbase/mad-hatter' into cheshire-cat
 b3c765884 Revert "MB-54268 Conditionally pass '--disable-bucket-config'"
 968eb483f MB-54268 Conditionally pass '--disable-bucket-config'
 2f7f5c168 MB-54674: cbcollect_info: Don't read /proc/PID/{smaps,numa_maps}
 da7902b9e MB-54674: cbcollect_info: Don't read /proc/PID/{smaps,numa_maps}
 3a69509a4 MB-54646 Allow always_collect_trace_info modification
 befc18e88 MB-53513 cb_dist tls key logging
 0f5857c89 MB-53994: [BP] Upgrade all golang versions for ns_server deps
 77029bb07 MB-54134: [BP] fix secrets leak in REST api crash
 980bc2555 Remove duplicated eunit test command for echo
 6892ad1ce MB-53808: Phosphor trace should be collected sooner
 92c72652f Remove unused import and macro
 b4dc99ab4 Remove extraneous couchdb profile entry
 742be127f MB-54250: Remove support for views in bucket capabilities
 18739e4e1 Remove unused redundant bucket name validation
 bcfbdd6ea Remove nowarn_deprecated_type because it doesn't seem
 d98e10ac4 Add warnings_as_errors compilation flag
 ed3b60664 MB-50414: Don't calculate couch_docs_actual_disk_size
 23735c1c9 MB-54448 Limit ns_server -> memcached audit log retries
 0017d4e3b MB-53121: Send queued alert emails
 ea1196b40 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 ba3c46298 MB-54428 MB-53609: Clean up tls options
 3eb011a6f cluster_run: Print a more helpful error message when setup_path() fails
 917802e6e MB-54413: /debug/pprof/heap with ?debug=1 doesn't obtain anything useful
 2bb81d645 formatting
 f149e84b4 more generic code for rebalance API to return errors as they are
 5eb401d8f remove 2 unused clauses
 1aca6595d MB-54255 Don't audit anonymous domain auth failures
 23b37287b Update Elixir compat mode to 7.5
 173238f03 MB-54444 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/6.6.5'
 adb25500b MB-54428: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.1.3' into neo
 eb05f7fc2 MB-54444:[BP] Handle ssl port when getting indexes
 5d92f10d1 MB-54428: Set tls version for client proxy connections to cbas...
 fa35805f1 MB-53589: Fix encrypt large binaries issue
 dcbe80720 Fix sigar log message typo
 91853f392 MB-54360 Remove unused mandatory fields from audit event 8240
 a45d73146 MB-50476: Use validator for menelaus_web_auto_failover settings
 825ddb9b4 MB-52261, MB-52262 support for rebalance of the individual services
 36a69cfe6 MB-53513 Writing tls key.log for dcp_proxy connections
 1dfd1ff3d MB-54324: Modify default cpuCount value from unknown to 0
 c920a7bf3 MB-54249 [BP] golang component debug sweep up in cbcollect_info
 e4659ac4a MB-53540 [BP] pass PKey to ns_ssl_services_setup process as a fun
 6c916743b MB-53552 [BP] Don't leak sensitive information (complete_join)
 bfc37cde8 MB-53552 [BP] Don't leak sensitive information (engage_cluster)
 729111ce7 MB-53551 [BP] Sanitize goport env to prevent it being logged...
 da2fd33d8 MB-54349 Handle ssl port when getting indexes
 6c52c5bca MB-53891 MB-53811: [BP] Make sure rest_lhttpc_pool crash...
couchstore is at d75745b, changes since last good build: 
 d75745b Include What You Use in and for PRIu64
 0905a5c MB-54297: Replace platform_without_global_new_replacement with platform
forestdb is at acba458, changes since last good build: none
kv_engine is at f0f330f, changes since last good build: 
 f0f330f7f kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: log bucket of Slow ops
 55a36d6a8 DCP docs: Cleanup 'concepts' page
 153d7ecef MB-53053: Add EPEngineGroup type and group quota sharing engines
 8a8f69a55 Merge "Merge branch 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'"
 b8980d8af [Cleanup] Don't document overridden functions
 8bdd6e1bf [Refactor] Use a single nlohmann::json for cookie errors
 6eb25e771 Merge branch 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 72218a6a7 MB-53053: Expose the NoBucketTaskable to use in the quota sharing pager
 778636aef Add VBucketFilter method to create a filter given an offset + stride
 a411a4f8b [Cleanup] Remove debug logging of commands
 9c0fa1eac Delete Cookie() constructor
 ab15e514f [Cleanup] Don't shadow variable in Cookie::sendResponse
 9b3c3ce28 Remove unused field admin from settings parser
 61f333bcd DCP docs: Add 'design discussion' page
 7d2cbadfd MB-54829: Temp disable underflow check for PersistedStats:diskSize
 76c948ba8 Merge "Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'"
 b71613638 MB-53053: Extract the paging visitor scheduling logic into a virtual
 d181348ac MB-54645: Enable operation tracing by default
 91fda38ca MB-53053: Refactor pageable memory info into a virtual member
 2de4744c9 MB-52311: [9/n] Pause / Resume Bucket: Minor docs changes
 af1687c0f Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 e319caada Merge commit '13fce2855a61a7301daaac47ecb162e2889e9498' into master
 29159ae66 Merge "Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'"
 29d8d3ced [Refactor] Move checkPrivilege to CookieIface
 d03d815e2 Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 4212d2d94 Don't replace error context for impersonate failure
 3b47674e4 Merge "Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'"
 43e660b5e Merge "Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'"
 fd5d4b738 MB-53053: Refactor eviction ratio computation code
 ce2744750 MB-53053: Make ItemPager a base class
 b26ebc816 Fix uninitialised notified flag in CrossBucketItemFreqDecayer
 9bbd578ef MB-53053: Make ItemPager inherit from NotifiableTask
 ad9b79a98 Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 4f4b51ccd Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 bdbda6a6f Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 2081c59c5 Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 ba418ebb6 Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 37e956e68 Merge "Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'"
 b17380b9b Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 9632fb6bf kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: Handle 6.6.5 slow op corruption
 6277f4cbc Cleanup: Create "unique" variable name in stat macro
 feb5cfb88 Make NotifiableTask::getSleepTime return std::chrono::duration
 e856c3e88 Merge "Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'"
 76305ed20 MB-53945: [linux] Add support for TCP_USER_TIMEOUT
 4aa3511da Use testPrivilege instead of checkPrivilege for XTOC
 974d43865 MB-53053: Add CrossBucketVisitorAdapter for cross-bucket visitation
 a190a66a8 Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 726a61e80 Print the last 100 log entries for failing ep_testuite tests
 6637d4986 MB-52311: [8/n] Pause / Resume Bucket: EPBucket cancellation
 260ca258a Skip more tests broken under RocksDB
 81685e8be Refactor: Rename setCollectionsPrototype to setCollectionsEnabled
 a72a13066 [Refactor] Remove boilerplate in Settings
 ded2660cb Merge "Merge commit '6b2bc5b95' into 'couchbase/master'"
 0ee9b1924 [Refactor] Use std::string_view for config validate
 c5c5b3000 Merge commit '6b2bc5b95' into 'couchbase/master'
 634a303b5 MB-52311: [7/n] Pause / Resume Bucket: Add cancellation support
 6c0873201 MB-53053: Make SingleSteppingVisitorAdapter callback after every run()
 532cbf177 Use the logger directly from cbsasl
 a5839467f MB-53719: [cbsasl] Remove old "hash" entry [2/2]
 7f4036f5d MB-54700: Reduce the size of StoredValues by 4 bytes
 ff2eb4b82 MB-54680: Fix out-of-bounds access in operator<<(ostream&, Blob)
 ed1d09dac MB-52823: Disable test of TLS1[.1] for OpenSSL 3.0
 ebf0e9e12 Merge commit 'bdaf6f97d' into 'couchbase/master'
 15436e4ca Merge "Merge commit '0975aef3c' into 'couchbase/master'"
 73e90fdc0 Merge "Merge commit '0427d5bfb' into 'couchbase/master'"
 917fa4c13 Refactor: migrate to std::filesystem
 a852dd9b9 Merge commit '0975aef3c' into 'couchbase/master'
 200dc2fe6 Merge commit '0427d5bfb' into 'couchbase/master'
 38f1787af Merge "Merge commit 'd63ebc79c' into 'couchbase/master'"
 961d02d7a Refactor: Replace cb::io::getcwd with std::filesystem
 da2c31ac4 Skip test_curr_items_dead broken under RocksDB
 500e23aa1 [Cleanup] Don't call stats task on buckets which don't support it
 acaaaa781 Cleanup: use std::filesystem::current_path to change dir
 c2e235e5c Add unit test for kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace
 49503433e Add collections support for get, set, bulk_set
 197588fc1 Fix RangeScanTest.ErrorNMVB instability
 210186bd6 MB-54543: Change sampling scan to ensure entire collection is considered
 044aa513c MB-53804: migrate over to to/from_json for BreakpadConfig
 c45d6de04 Merge commit 'd63ebc79c' into 'couchbase/master'
 288fc10c2 Merge "Merge commit '557313ea7' into 'couchbase/master'"
 f239a7dbe MB-53804: Simplify NetworkInterface parsing
 f34e48602 kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: Move tests after production code
 90eacb3c9 MB-53804: Use to/from_json for logger configuration
 b44096451 Merge commit '557313ea7' into 'couchbase/master'
 13821f96c Fix broken configs in ep_testsuite
 423b9fa6e MB-54571: Fix intermittently failing access scanner test
 ee8fe2a98 kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: Parse and report 'Slow runtime' messages
 ede8805ca Do not elide memory access intended to be checked by ASan
 f181b5e80 MB-54516: Introduce the history_retention_bytes config param
 206fd0132 MB-54591: Merge branch 'mad-hatter' into cheshire-cat
 2d9b7801f DcpProducer: Add noop_tx_interval stat
 9cf288704 MB-54516: Introduce the history_retention_seconds config param
 b469facf3 Merge "Merge commit '199c7fbe4' into 'couchbase/master'"
 82611cec8 kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: restructure for more slow things
 7b86cd060 kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: Include worker_tid
 055ae912a kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: Prefer opaque from packet field
 b9e3b7b99 Merge commit '199c7fbe4' into 'couchbase/master'
 d03aa818b Docs: Add DCP Sequence Diagrams
 8b9bac453 Fix kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace for older KV logs
 13fce2855 MB-54386, MB-54455, MB-54452: Add ConnectionLimitMode::Recycle
 a233123de MB-54072: Replace literal config string with config::Config
 583ae1c5e MB-54516: Use VBQueueItemCtx to pass CanDeduplicate status to Item
 836e683b5 MB-54516: Add Collection's history setting to VB::Manifest
 773f5420e MB-54516: Add top-level "history" key to Collection's Manifest
 2ebc511eb MB-54516: Expose VB:Manifest flatbuffer "get" functions
 765a89ea5 MB-54555: Fix race while accessing manifest from VBucketCountVisitor
 856fd5e9a Merge "Merge commit 'c253ed69a' into 'couchbase/master'"
 b9e2e2123 MB-53052: Update frequencies for all Buckets when sharing HT quota
 f100eb65c MB-53053: Add SingleSteppingVisitorAdapter for cross-bucket eviction
 3532024fa MB-54647: Module name should be stored under module attribute
 1885aaae8 Merge commit 'c253ed69a' into 'couchbase/master'
 d820c4861 MB-54516: Add "history" key to Collection's Manifest
 bdaf6f97d MB-54605: [testapp] Fix raciness in MaxConnectionTest
 1aedb0693 MB-54587: Don't fail startup if we can't get timestamp
 07294457f Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 8d32d248d MB-54591: ActiveStream: Avoid lost wakeup due to race on itemsReady
 41c980fd9 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 68e97bdb1 Merge commit '70f956dc0' into 'couchbase/master'
 9799eccc5 Merge "Merge commit '705e5c7f8' into 'couchbase/master'"
 48beb9581 Disallow version 1 of audit event configuration
 6628d8968 Add MockServerBucketApi
 cccc2fc0e [Cleanup] Sort the file list for memcached_daemon
 f66c1087a Move
 b5182d20f Add descriptions for 10s duration/count stats
 61f39b320 MB-54592: Replace sprintf with snprintf
 f33ff49e0 Merge commit '705e5c7f8' into 'couchbase/master'
 6a0bde867 Refactor: use early return in AuditFile::cleanup_old_logfile
 0975aef3c MB-54516: Fix VBucketManifestTest.duplicate_cid_different_scope
 d63ebc79c MB-54516: Refactoring in Manifest
 ad317eb3d Add bucket metering stats test
 c7727cad1 MB-54357: Skip select-bucket in 'cbstats tasks-all'
 11c941fd2 MB-53859: Support per-document compression at persistence in magma
 52c9ab618 Revert "Add bucket metering stats test"
 e0a37c13a Add bucket metering stats test
 099e16054 MB-54477: Only tune TCP keep alive on user port
 3b906f320 daemon/ Remove unused includes
 199c7fbe4 [BP] Bump cluster_test timeout to 2 minutes
 f37eda5a0 [BP] Fix compiler warning for unused var & deprecated-declarations copy ctor
 e2498d379 [BP] Remove deprecated use of std::iterator<>
 fcec2534a [BP] MB-51558: Fix ScheduleCancelx2 intermittent failure
 4c6b97b96 [BP] MB-52842: Fix intermittent failure in 'disk>RAM delete paged-out'
 ae464064e [BP] MB-50602: Wait for connection close
 bb799e008 [BP] MB-51686: Disable PiTR_Test.MB51007 while it's being fixed
 d36439961 MB-53304: Enforce holding of stateLock in VBucket::queueItem [10/n]
 1af64cca5 Refactor: Pull VBCBAdaptor out from kv_bucket.h
 037cb0def MB-54294: Add initial kv_logical_data_size_bytes metric
 be813e26f MB-54072: Add test configuration builder
 54e21d1e4 MB-52680: Add support for eviction based on upfront MFU histograms
 a0a12c684 MB-54486: Deal with tmpfail being returned [testapp]
 6f767f7e5 [BP] MB-48759: End legacy DCP stream if there are no items in range [2/2]
 6b2bc5b95 [BP] MB-48759: End legacy DCP stream if there are no items in range [1/2]
 cb34f77fa MB-53980: Split the PagingVisitor into two separate visitors
 c49d8372e Don't shadow user member
 c253ed69a MB-54295: Merge commit 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into neo
 331746182 MB-53052: Add cross_bucket_ht_quota_sharing config field
 327e62bcf Revert "MB-53946: [serverless] Dump the current bucket usage every minute"
 7f56309ed MB-54426: don't submit disabled audit events
 53830573f MB-53053: Allow buckets in the Ready state to be kept alive
 30f51d0ae MB-53920: CheckpointQuota accounts detached checkpoints
 47980632c Remove unused FrontEndBGFetchItem 4-arg ctor
 4aa253edc Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 92b9e4b8a Expand details on readTime stat
 a3e00d208 Refactor: Don't negate the test in if with else
 c059358d6 MB-53920: Introduce CheckpointMemoryState High/Full
 100a73ad8 MB-53920: Rename Full into FullAndNeedsRecovery
 96bcb201a Notify bucket cond variable for Bucket::State::Pausing
 e8a2a0d3e MB-53920: Rename NeedsRecovery into HighAndNeedsRecovery
 c10d55c3f Remove unused Bucket::State::Stopping
 397ec5ae8 [Audit] Add id and description when creating event
 3cd25a006 CheckpointIndexAllocatorMemoryTrackingTest: Increase expected alignment for macOS/arm64
 d8a842f4d MB-54279: Pause / Resume: Unlock vb_mutexes from locking thread
 09969cd46 MB-54267: Add extras to RangeScan continue responses
 da399254f Update domain description for audit
 f0df6882b [audit] Report illegal UIDs back to the client
 509a56075 MB-54389: Audit daemon should be shut down later in the sequence
 925aab656 Add a timestamp for when the connection was last used
 e4dddb81c MB-54343: Disable session timeout audit event
 0427d5bfb MB-50425: Merge remote-tracking branch 'mad-hatter' into cheshire-cat
 2bd258868 MB-50423: Merge remote-tracking branch 'mad-hatter' into cheshire-cat
 3e1d1cbc2 MB-50425: Add() of deleted item should fail if tombstone created during request
 557313ea7 MB-50423: Allow PagingVisitor to remove deleted item metadata
 5ebd8f5cd MB-51498: Merge branch 'couchbase/mad-hatter' into 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 37e651a23 Merge branch 'couchbase/mad-hatter' into 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 6b6ef3fcd Merge branch 'couchbase/6.6.5' into 'couchbase/mad-hatter'
 a6922c068 MB-53922: Remove ~StoredValueProxy
 70f956dc0 MB-40267: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/6.6.5' into mad-hatter
 755d6e15f MB-51498: Yield between read/writes for an SSL_accept
 ccd0b3a74 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into neo
 8c06958e8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/mad-hatter' into cheshire-cat
 10602b302 MB-40267: ActiveStreamCheckpointProcessorTask should be a NonIO task
 5fb1ef2f0 MB-52143: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/mad-hatter' into CC
 e82b92c41 MB-40267: ActiveStreamCheckpointProcessorTask should be a NonIO task
 705e5c7f8 MB-52143: Reject SaslStep if not preceded by SaslAuth
Switching indexing to unstable
indexing is at 9bc0e27, changes since last good build: 
 9bc0e278 MB-52931 Code refactor - move bucket grouping to local method
 3c6c3f44 MB-52931 Code refactor - move setSchedule and updateIndexInst to separate method
 035f0a82 MB-52931 Code refactor - move inst state validation to separate method
Switching plasma to unstable
plasma is at 55bd198, changes since last good build: 
fatal: Invalid revision range 85bf0df96ce71605c9ad42e5b87c855876282081..HEAD

Switching nitro to unstable
nitro is at d5f5610, changes since last good build: none
Switching gometa to master
gometa is at 4f94ea5, changes since last good build: none
Switching testrunner to master
Submodule 'gauntlet' ( registered for path 'gauntlet'
Submodule 'java_sdk_client' ( registered for path 'java_sdk_client'
Submodule 'lib/capellaAPI' ( registered for path 'lib/capellaAPI'
Submodule 'magma_loader/DocLoader' ( registered for path 'magma_loader/DocLoader'
Cloning into '/opt/build/testrunner/gauntlet'...
Cloning into '/opt/build/testrunner/java_sdk_client'...
Cloning into '/opt/build/testrunner/lib/capellaAPI'...
Cloning into '/opt/build/testrunner/magma_loader/DocLoader'...
Submodule path 'gauntlet': checked out '4e2424851a59c6f4b4edfdb7e36fa6a0874d6300'
Submodule path 'java_sdk_client': checked out '5dd338995c16ac2f5b187729e549b28862060732'
Submodule path 'lib/capellaAPI': checked out '3cdab40c3f80d5590f22aad0d77c00dd44c4107a'
Submodule path 'magma_loader/DocLoader': checked out '997f514b43e9beef241d0b7e61c8171042d22543'
testrunner is at 57ead99, changes since last good build: none
Pulling in uncommitted change 183433 at refs/changes/33/183433/1
Total 6 (delta 5), reused 6 (delta 5)
[unstable d7c2aa1b] MB-54157: Record WUs for duplicate array entries using count
 Author: Sai Krishna Teja Kommaraju 
 Date: Wed Nov 30 16:14:40 2022 +0530
 2 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 183558 at refs/changes/58/183558/23
Total 12 (delta 6), reused 7 (delta 6)
[unstable 095f9757] MB-54419 upload plasma shards to object storage
 Author: Dhruvil Shah 
 Date: Fri Dec 2 00:16:52 2022 +0530
 7 files changed, 269 insertions(+), 114 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 183659 at refs/changes/59/183659/14
Total 24 (delta 15), reused 20 (delta 15)
[unstable 85b31cc6] MB-52931 Update rebalance phase at lifecycle manager
 Author: Varun Velamuri 
 Date: Fri Dec 2 22:49:30 2022 -0800
 9 files changed, 238 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 183771 at refs/changes/71/183771/15
Total 34 (delta 24), reused 30 (delta 24)
[unstable 3e391811] MB-52931 Allow deferred index creation during rebalance
 Author: Varun Velamuri 
 Date: Tue Dec 6 10:33:06 2022 -0800
 4 files changed, 114 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 183775 at refs/changes/75/183775/11
[unstable 6f0766fa] MB-52931 Schedule DDL in back-ground on commit failure due to rebalance
 Author: Varun Velamuri 
 Date: Tue Dec 6 13:29:55 2022 -0800
 3 files changed, 80 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 183982 at refs/changes/82/183982/11
Total 39 (delta 28), reused 35 (delta 28)
[unstable 81baf37e] MB-52931 Process DDL tokens during rebalance at sched index creator
 Author: Varun Velamuri 
 Date: Mon Dec 12 11:58:34 2022 -0800
 1 file changed, 26 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 184205 at refs/changes/05/184205/1
Total 7 (delta 6), reused 7 (delta 6)
error: could not apply f9de3174... MB-54676: consume AggregateRecorder from regulator, use deferred metering for writes
hint: after resolving the conflicts, mark the corrected paths
hint: with 'git add ' or 'git rm '
hint: and commit the result with 'git commit'
Recorded preimage for 'secondary/indexer/plasma_slice.go'
Pulling in uncommitted change 183338 at refs/changes/38/183338/7
Total 10 (delta 5), reused 6 (delta 5)
[unstable 955f115] MB-54185: Handle NewShardUUID in TransferShard
 Author: Saptarshi Sen 
 Date: Mon Nov 28 11:01:00 2022 -0800
 8 files changed, 367 insertions(+), 118 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 183906 at refs/changes/06/183906/4
Total 13 (delta 7), reused 9 (delta 7)
[unstable cc9a60b] MB-54185: Fix MatchCtx for newShardId
 Author: Saptarshi Sen 
 Date: Fri Dec 2 18:49:18 2022 -0800
 1 file changed, 32 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 183949 at refs/changes/49/183949/1
Total 3 (delta 2), reused 3 (delta 2)
[unstable 01f095c] MB-100: Wait for copy context completion in Tests
 Author: Saptarshi Sen 
 Date: Sun Dec 11 23:13:27 2022 -0800
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 184061 at refs/changes/61/184061/3
Total 4 (delta 2), reused 3 (delta 2)
[unstable fb1450d] MB-54598: Calibrate mutation quota based on item count
 Author: jliang00 
 Date: Mon Dec 12 15:43:10 2022 -0800
 2 files changed, 73 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 184062 at refs/changes/62/184062/3
Total 9 (delta 4), reused 6 (delta 4)
[unstable 2aa8ab0] MB-54598: Sharing controller for initial index build
 Author: jliang00 
 Date: Tue Dec 13 15:58:20 2022 -0800
 3 files changed, 319 insertions(+), 54 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 184063 at refs/changes/63/184063/7
Total 15 (delta 9), reused 12 (delta 9)
[unstable dd45955] MB-54598: Allocate mutation quota on empty index upon first mutation
 Author: jliang00 
 Date: Tue Dec 13 20:03:55 2022 -0800
 4 files changed, 145 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)
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Building main product [CE]

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